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Dot UK Domain Names

  • Posted by:
  • Paul Marren
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  • Posted date:
  • 06-06-2014
Dot UK Domain Names

Dot UK Domain Extensions Launch

Following Nominet's decision to release the much anticipated .uk domain, many businesses and consumers are excited to be a part of the great .uk domain launch.

When does the dot UK domain suffix get released?

The .uk domain suffix is released on 10 June 2014. This will mean that businesses will be able to ensure that their brand name is the most important element within the domain address whilst still associating your name with it's UK roots.

Who can get a dot UK domain name?

The majority of businesses and individuals who own a domain name will be the first to automatically get their new .uk domain on the 10 June launch date. Owners of unique domain names with the following suffix will have a .uk domain name automatically registered for you:


Anyone who owns any of the unique domain names above are entitled to receive the shorter and more memorable .uk domain name for free before the 10 June 2019 if your domain name remains registered at the time.

eg.If you own, you will be eligible to register before anybody else. Following the 10 June 2019 will be available to anyone who wants it if you do not choose to register the new name.

Many domain names however, share the same name but different suffix. If you want to find out whether your domain name is eligible for a .uk suffix, you will need to check who has the rights to the new domain.

eg.You may own and someone else owns To find out if you have the right-of-registration to, you can check the rights look up tool here.

Can I register a dot UK as a new customer?

If you wish to purchase your own .uk domain name, and you do not have any of the previous domains mentioned above, you can register any .uk name with your preferred registrar as long as it is not already reserved by someone who already owns the name within the .uk domain family.

To ensure that you can register your required .uk domain before the launch date, you can register your preferred name as a before 07:59hrs on 10 June 2014 and you will have the right to reserve a .uk of the same name.