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Easy Domains Supports dotEng

  • Posted by:
  • Paul Marren
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  • Posted date:
  • 07-02-2014
Easy Domains Supports dotEng

Easy Domains Supports the Push for dotEng

Following the success of the dotScot campaign in providing an independent identity to Scottish businesses, Easy Domains have joined the campaign to push for a dotEng extension that will allow companies based in England to have an equally unique presence on the web.

The dotScot Campaign

Supported by internationally recognised Scottish natives such as actor Sir Sean Connery, First Minister Alex Salmond and entrepreneur Sir Tom Farmer, the campaign begun by the not-for-profit organisation Dot Scot Registry (DSR) has successfully pushed for the extension '.scot' to become an official extension to web addresses.

The new dotScot web addresses will be available in 2014 and are expected to provide a significant boost to the large number of Scottish based businesses and organisations that have previously been included within the '' domain identity.

Uniquely Scottish businesses, organisations, government offices, tourist attractions, football teams and traditional Scottish dance societies who conduct affairs worldwide were impressed with the The International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann) decision in October 2013 to allow the go-ahead for the '.scot' extension.

The dotScot result will offer a unique branding tool for businesses who want to associate themselves with their Scottish roots and improve the ability of Scotland based businesses to become more widely recognised in the international marketplace.

Above all, the Scottish brand can focus on becoming recognised throughout the world as a leading country in digital technology and provide a platform for the future of Scottish online independence for the next generation.

Dot Eng - The Campaign for a .eng domain name

The dotEng Campaign

Having gained a significant amount of media attention during 2008, the dotEng campaign seemed to have made little impact since. Easy Domains, along with the continued support by individuals that are adding their signature to the online petition, hope that the dotEng movement can once again increase momentum and find similar success to that of the dotScot result.

Easy Domains have shown their support for the dotEng Campaign today by signing the petition and by actively encouraging our customers to get involved. Our aim is to reinvigorate the enthusiasm created by the dotEng campaign and to show ICANN that the people of England are as patriotic and keen to see the benefits of a domain name specific to their own identity as the Scottish are.

Support dotEng

If you share our belief that England has a heritage and an individualism that it can be proud of, you may also want to support the campaign for an independent internet presence.

The English culture is famously inclusive and diverse in its range of people from all backgrounds which make it unique within the world market. We want our global identity to reflect our complex and forward thinking society whilst retaining that patriotism that makes us proud to be a company that originated from England.

If you feel as though your business or organisation would benefit from a domain address that shows your English origin, perhaps you will consider signing the petition to finally get our own unique dotEng extension.