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Internet Safety Tips for Parents

  • Posted by:
  • Paul Marren
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  • Internet Safety, Children Online, Social Media,
  • Posted date:
  • 07-02-2014
Internet Safety Tips for Parents

Easy Domains Top Tips for Parents

Understanding Internet Safety for Children and Young Persons Using the Web

A recent survey by Knowthenet found that less than a third of parents questioned were 'very confident' with the safety of their children whilst using the internet. The results show that nine year olds are already exploring social media online which often includes access to a laptop or mobile phone.

Social Media Development of a Child

The social media development of a child begins with viewing content such as YouTube at the age of nine to becoming actively involved in social media sites such as Facebook and Snapchat over the next four years. At 10 years old, a child will be using internet slang and regularly sending instant messages.

At the age of 11 most children would have posted an image or a video of themselves online, set up a fake profile on a social media network, posted a nasty comment or used someone else's profile without permission.

When a child has reached the age of 12 they will begin to explore Whatsapp and Twitter which allows them to message people who they have never met outside of the internet. By 13, a child has reached social media maturity. A 13 year old will have tried sexting for the first time and be familiar with services such as Ask FM and SnapChat.

Parental Guidance

Parents are understandably confused about the access that their children have online. 63% of parents regularly check what their child has been involved in online at least once a week, 21% are unsure about installing parental controls and 46% do not feel like they are fully aware of the internet policy at their child's school.

The top tips for parents worried about the access that their children have online are based on information gathered from 10-15 year olds about their internet activity.

Trust Your Kids:The majority of social media use is between friends and not used inappropriately.

  • Talk to Your Child:Your child will always appreciate guidance on what to do if they get into difficulties online or forget the right thing to do.
  • Understand the Dangers:Stay informed of the risks involved and make sure that your child is aware of areas to avoid in order to stay safe.
  • Discover The School Policy:Schools differ in their approach to internet safety, so it is a good idea to contact the school and find out about their rules.
  • Be Aware of Access:However often you may enforce your parental controls, children are able to access the internet through friends' computers, mobiles or laptops which are not as safely guarded.

Keeping Parents Up To Date

Knowthenet is an impartial website funded by Nominet to help families, businesses and individuals understand the internet and to keep it as a safe and secure place for everyone to visit.

Knowthenet have produced a number of useful tools to help parents assess their knowledge of social media and internet dangers. The Knowthenet Quiz will test your skills in evaluating the Social Age, and the guide to popular mediawill help you keep informed about the various social media sites available.