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We create an engaging listing on a larger number of business directories across the UK.

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Your listing will start circulating around many popular and niche directory services.

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We monitor your listings daily to ensure you are always engaging with your customers.

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Find your business details online in The Mirror's online directory.

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Your business details will be added to The Independent's online directory.

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We submit to many directories and update our service regularly.

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The benefits of local listings

Get found locally and nationally

Local listings help local customers find you easier. This also has a roll on effect to greater national exposure by establishing yourself as strong presence in your area of expertise.

Engage with more customers

Help more customers find the answers they need. Build stronger relationships and increase satisfaction by reaching out to more customers in more places.

Keep your business details accurate

There is more tedious than updating your details in hundreds of different locations. Local listings allows you to update multiple listings from one location.

Improve your backlink profile

As an added benefit to increased engagement and accuracy, local listings gives your website some grounded high quality backlinks. Websites with more backlinks tend to see higher rankings.

Increased business reviews

The more listings you have, the more places that people can review your business. Increased positive reviews gives your business more credibility for potential customers.

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