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Looking Back on 10 Years with Facebook

  • Posted by:
  • Daniel Lee
  • Tags:
  • Facebook, Social Media, New Year, Trends
  • Posted date:
  • 07-02-2014
Looking Back on 10 Years with Facebook

Marking the 10th anniversary of its existence, Facebook introduces a special nostalgic feature to its entire 1.23 billion users called 'Look Back'.

Look Back uses an algorithm which automatically highlights the biggest moments of your facebook career and relays them in a minute long movie.

Many Facebook users became early adopters of the Look Back video and began to share it with their social feeds at the very first opportunity. Others were not so impressed and somewhat un-flattered by Facebook's auto selection algorithm. Look Back highlights the best moments of your past 10 years and for some that does involve drunken statuses or images from an inebriated night out. Whilst they may be memorable moments in your life, they may not be the moments you want to share with your social feeds.

A spokesman for Facebook has told Tech Crunch that due to the popularity of Look Back they are developing a feature which allows the Facebook user to edit their personal Look Back video. This will provide many disgruntled Facebookers with the opportunity to change their highlighted moments to something more fitting. Time scales at present are not available but we can expect a release soon.

A realistic look back on Facebook through the years

For all the memories Facebook brings to us, maybe we should look back at what we really remember from the past year. Heaven knows we are constantly battling the defences of the Candy Crush Saga or unwanted recommendations; Looking Backwards is a parody of  the Look Back video highlighting some of those petty annoyances we encounter during our social musings.

Looking back at Facebook through the years

It isn't the first time that Facebook has released a feature similar to Look Back. In 2013 Facebook gave its users a personal 'Year in Review' which highlights the top 30 moments from you and your Facebook friends feeds. I think we can all agree Facebook is the perfect place to tell a story after peering in to our personal lives, what better way is there to share it than on our social feeds?

Easy Domains agree that the Look Back feature introduced by Facebook is of great nostalgic value and we are sure as the years go by Facebook will continue to be an integral part of our working and social lives.