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Server Acceptable Use Policy

Easy Domains Servers must not be used for the following:

  • P2P Connection or Torrent Services.
  • IRC Servers including services, clients and bots.
  • Distributed Denial of Service attacks or any other network attacks.
  • Mail services including 'Open Relays'.
  • Running programs/apps/software designed to locate vulnerabilities on servers, this includes Port Scanning and Password Catching.
  • Attempts of traffic spoofing or acquisition of IP addresses, unless they are specifically associated with your Easy Domains service.
  • Run your network in promiscuous mode or run packet sniffing.
  • Spoofing or altering hardware MAC addresses.
  • Run DHCP services in the open network.
  • Enabling globally accessible recursive resolvers on nameservers.
  • Hosting material related to online gaming, including gaming servers, forums, fan sites etc. without prior written permission from Easy Domains.
  • Running Proxy Servers
  • Open recursive DNS services


Unless otherwise stated by Easy Domains Limited, customers are responsible for all content and material on their services outside of Easy Sites. Customers are responsible for adequate backups of emails and hosting outside of Easy Sites. Easy Domains will not be liable for any loss of data for services used outside of Easy Sites.

Any custom or third-party scripts must be kept secure to prevent exploitation or abuse. All login details to the server must be kept private or changed immediately if a breach has been made.

All passwords must undergo a strength check, and weak passwords will not be accepted.

DoS and DDoS Attacks

If your server is the initiator of a DoS or DDoS attack which affects our services or anyone else's, Easy Domains Limited reserve the right to terminate your account without notice and you will be held responsible for all charges incurred as a result.

Easy Domains will cooperate wholly with investigations of violations of systems or network security at other sites.

IP Blacklists

If your IP is blacklisted as a result of malicious activity, Easy Domains reserves the right to charge an administration fee of £300 plus VAT upon cancellation.

Compliance and Law

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that all activity and data on their services comply with relevant UK law. This includes the Computer Misuse Act (1990), the Protection of Children Act (1978), the Criminal Justice Act (1988), the Data Protection Act (1998) and the Prevention of Harassment Act (1997).

Customers will be held solely responsible for any non-compliance, and Easy Domains will assist law enforcement authorities if any illegal activity is discovered. We ensure we act in compliance with the Data Protection Act (1998).

As per UK law, customers are not permitted to use their services in any way to violate intellectual property rights, such as patents and registered trademarks.

Customers must also take care to abide by foreign laws (due to the global reach of the Internet).

Actions following a breach of the Dedicated Servers and VPS AUP

To protect the integrity of our network, Easy Domains Ltd reserves the right to immediately suspend any Dedicated Server or VPS if found to be in breach of the above AUP.

Depending on the severity of the breach, a Dedicated Server or VPS may require a rebuild back to its original "as new" state before being reconnected and written confirmation from the customer that they will not breach the AUP in the future.

Easy Domains accepts no responsibility for loss of data or settings in the result of a Dedicated Server or VPS being disconnected or rebuilt unless this is a result of Easy Sites.