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Easy Domains ' Acceptable Use Policy

The Customer warrants that it shall not:

send or receive excessively large volumes of emails, with or without attachments, which can cause a disruption to the Network Infrastructure and Services provided to the Customer and to other Customers to which Easy Domains may supply the Services;

send unsolicited (spam), offensive, indecent or abusive emails;

send emails for the purpose of committing fraud, phishing, or with the intention of committing a criminal offence;

use the Services in any manner to publish, link, or display unlawful material (as defined by English law and publication regulations or as defined by the laws and regulations of the Customer's location, situated or resident) and any other material that are malicious, abusive, or which encourage acts of violence or terrorism, slander, defamation, or which are in breach of Easy Domains or any Third Party's Intellectual Property Rights, or which aid the distribution of Computer Viruses or warez;

send, transmit, make available, copy, retransmit, broadcast or publish (whether directly or indirectly) in whatever form any data, information or contractual rights, material or statement which infringes the Intellectual Property Rights or contractual or statutory rights of any Person or legal entity or the laws or statutory regulations relating to defamation, contempt, blasphemy, infringement of privacy or personal data rights and any equivalent or related laws in any territory in which they are or may be accessed or made available;

use hosting storage for content that isn't actively used and linked to within customer's website, including, but not limited to backups of customer's websites, backups of other computer systems, personal file transfers and personal file storage;

redistribute 3rd party software including, but not limited to, licensed software, free software, shareware, freeware, updates, patches, addons, limited or fully functional trials. Where 3rd party software is required to be distributed from the customer's website, the customer will link to the original software vendor and/or a licensed download website;

set any files or folders within their home folder to be world writeable. All file/folder permissions must be set with least-privilege and with respect to the sensitivity of the data contained within the file/folder;

We reserve the right to suspend any website found to be in breach of this Acceptable Use Policy.

Easy Domains offers unlimited, or unmetered, data transfer, on some of its products. As such, customers are responsible to ensure that excessive use of data transfer does not adversely impact the performance of Easy Domains' network or server resources and equipment.

In the circumstances where Easy Domains can demonstrate that any customer's data transfer usage pattern has had a detrimental effect, Easy Domains will contact the customer to discuss alternatives to manage usage. In extreme situations, Easy Domains reserves the right to temporarily suspend services without notice until the situation is resolved or an alternative solution is agreed.

If the Customer is found to be in breach of the Acceptable Use Policy by a third-party, Easy Domains can be contacted via email at We aim to respond to all reports within 24 hours.