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Benefits of ukdotnet and ukdotcom

  • Posted by:
  • Matt Rendle
  • Tags:
  • Domain Extensions
  • Posted date:
  • 03-07-2015
Benefits of ukdotnet and  ukdotcom

Is there really a benefit to a website address? Surely the benefit is that your customers can find you and that they are reading about your services, the address part is pretty unimportant right? Well actually no, the big benefit of the web addresses in the title of this article is the .uk part, your customers in the UK will begin to trust you more as a business if you have the .uk signature in your web address, if people are going to type their bank details in your website they like to know where you are in world and that you can be trusted and the .uk is a sure fire sign that you are in the UK, which is a start.

If you would like to register for a UK domain name extension then make sure you strongly consider either .UK.NET or .UK.COM these are both top notch web domains and recognised all over the world and are very trusted. Having one of these on your website is great way to begin the trust from the moment your customers type it in or see it on a search engine.

A great domain name is important for a great website, that is where these two domains come into play, simply having the UK part in the domain name, plus strong SEO on your website is a sure fire way of boosting your ranking on google and getting noticed more. Once you have a strong domain name and a great website after that then your customers will love you as much google does.