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Carlsberg signs up for 150 premium domains

  • Posted by:
  • Matt Rendle
  • Tags:
  • .beer, Domain Extensions
  • Posted date:
  • 11-07-2015
Carlsberg signs up for 150 premium domains

If you were not aware of Carlsberg then you are about to be, Carlsberg are one of the 4 largest global brewers and so it makes sense for them to sign up to so many of the new top level domains. 150 top level domains are now Carlsberg's to use as they see fit, the domain they choose was of course .beer, the possibilities of uses for these domains are pretty much endless and they are sure to produce some major traffic to Carlsberg online.

Carlsberg has said in a press release that the new top level domains are a great idea and have already reassigned some of the .beer domains to their popular brands in their large portfolio including,, and They have also keep a few away for a raining day, perhaps for competitions in the future or for when they invests in other brands.

They haven't stopped at just .beer though, they have also got their hands on domains to use for promotion as well which include and This is set to change the path of many sports fans searching the web but we think that it is great that a big company like Carlsberg is jumping on the domain name cart, domains are big business now and finding the perfect one to advertise your business can be very difficult but with the release of domains such as .beer it is now getting a little easier, unless the big companies buy them all up first of course!