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Domain Transfers

If you would like to transfer your domain name away from Easy Domains after 120 days, there will be a charge of £9.99 plus VAT per domain; this will cover all process and administration fees.

There will be a 60 day domain holding period from the date of the domain purchase for all ICANN regulated domain names, during this time Easy Domains will provide a temporary redirect of your domain name to an external server or existing website. Once the 60 day period has expired Easy Domains will release the domain to your specified registrar and admin contact. You can read more about the ICANN transfer policy on their  website

All .uk domain names are available for a transfer straight away and are not subject to a 60-day holding period.

The client will have to undergo a security confirmation before Easy Domains will work directly with the new registrar for any transfers requested.

Upon accepting your request to transfer away from Easy Domains, it is imperative that all transfer request details be accurate. Any domain transfers processed to the wrong IPS TAG or Administrator contact provided by the client will not be held liable by Easy Domains. All domains which are transferred out inaccurately may result in the loss of domains by both parties and may require further action by the web standards regulating authorities.

Easy Domains will always make the transfer of domains simple to manage, and we will work with you directly to ensure a fluid process with all domain transfer requests.

Please note: while you reserve the right to terminate or transfer your domains, you are still bound by the rules and regulations set by Nominet (The Governing .UK Registry) as a registrant of a domain. Nominet reserve the right to request further information or terminate your domains at any time. Please be sure to read and understand the Nominet Terms as a registrant of a domain here.