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Easy IMAP and POP3 email setup

  • Posted by:
  • Daniel Lee
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  • IMAP Email, POP3 Email, Imap in Gmail, Outlook Setup
  • Posted date:
  • 13-12-2013
Easy IMAP and POP3 email setup

Easy IMAP / POP3 Email Setup Using Our Easy Tutorials

You've purchased a new domain name and have been given an email address to accompany it. Personal email addresses are great for sending and receiving all kinds of information but setting your email up for use may seem difficult if not a little daunting.

Easy Domains are here to make light work of all of your technical difficulties - such as setting up an email address to send and receive email. There are a few email clients you can use to set up an email address for use, Easy Domains will outline these below with a quick and easy video tutorial.

The most important things needed to set up an email address on your computer or handheld device

When you are setting up an email address you will be provided with some important information:

  1. An Email Address
  2. A Password
  3. Incoming Mail Server
  4. Outgoing Mail Server

These details should be provided to you by your web hosts, if not just give them a call and they will provide them to you free of charge.

Email Address Your email address is commonly used as your username in an email client

Incoming Mail Server The Incoming Mail Server is an address used for your email client to download and receive messages from.

Outgoing Mail Server The Outgoing Mail Server is an address used for your email client to send messages with.

An Easy Email Example

Imagine you have a domain name called and you have been assigned an email address Your email settings will look similar like this:

  1. Email Address:
  2. Username: (Only use your full email address if you haven't been provided with a specific username)
  3. Password: *********** (This will be provided by your web host)
  4. Incoming Mail Server Settings:
  5. Outgoing Mail Server Settings:

Now that you have an idea of how the information will look, watch a short video tutorial below for your preferred email client. We'll start with the most popular Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook 2010 (Paid Software)

If you are not using Outlook 2010 look for the Add Account option and use the same setup instructions.

Thunderbird Email Client (Free Email Client)

Thunderbird is a free and secure email client, part of Mozilla Firefox, it comes complete with regular updates and allows you to add features for a better user experience all for free.

Online Email using Gmail (Free Email Service)

Using Gmail as your email client you will be able to send and receive all of your emails in one online location anywhere in the world, just by signing in to Google's free Gmail service. Easy Domains love the features of Gmail as it allows you to download, read and edit documents all from the same application for free. You'll never need to use Microsoft Office again.

Don't have a Google account? Set one up for free Google Mail