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Heinz learns a domain renewal lesson

  • Posted by:
  • Martyn Holden
  • Tags:
  • Domain Renewals
  • Posted date:
  • 03-07-2015
Heinz learns a domain renewal lesson

This quite possibly the oddest tech news I have ever come across, Heinz have learnt a lesson about domain renewal from Qr codes and porn, told you it was odd.

Domain renewal is basically something you have to do in order to keep the domain name you are using, I am sure you all know this as you are all very bright. If you don't renewal your domain name it goes back out for public resale as you have no use for it any more, you will have been sent emails and other letters about it being up for renewal so if you don't listen then to auction it goes.

I am sure you can see where this is going now. Heinz ran a competition on a tomato sauce bottle which had a certain domain name on the QR, after this competition date ran out and the winner got their prize the domain name was shoved to the back of the cupboard, when the renewal ran out, it was bought, by a porn company.

Then a young gentlemen thought even though the competition had ended there might be some cool tomato sauce facts on the website and got his phone out read the QR code and found something rather different than tomatoes although maybe just as saucy.

Many people have stated that Heinz should have kept the website for a little loner, perhaps 10 years! Maybe there was a change of staffing and they missed the memo about its renewal, no one is too sure.

Here's a message to our customers about renewal, do you remember all of the places your website name is right now? All the business cards you have handed out? You should keep paying the small amount of money needed to keep that domain name as you never know what your customers may find if you don't!