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ICANN to ban private domain registrations

  • Posted by:
  • Louisa Forbes
  • Tags:
  • Privacy
  • Posted date:
  • 03-07-2015
ICANN to ban private domain registrations

Private domain registrations are being used by people who are running sites that are not strictly above board, basically any pirate site were registered privatively and ICANN and a few other companies in the industry are looking to ban private domain registrations in order to combat these people putting copyrighted stuff on the internet for the masses.

In recent months copyright holders have been increasingly pushing for changes in the domain industry to name and shame these people doing legal stuff. This is basically like YouTube making people use their real name rather than a pretend name so if they post an illegal video they know who to call and they know who's to blame.

While this is unlikely to happen in the near future, ICANN proposal may well pick up steam and put an end to private domain name registrations for a some websites, the proposal is of course backed by copyright holders including the MPAA who have said in the past they will help to hold the persons to rights.

There are of course many people fighting the opposite side of the coin stating that privacy on the website should be allowed, however I think what it comes down to really is the money side of it, one side saying they are loosing money because of the pirate domain registrations and the other side saying we will loose money if you stop the private domain registration.

For now the matter is fairly up in the air, we know our customers won't be affected by the change, if the change happens, as you guys are just all lovely law abiding people.