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Email Acceptable Use Policy

In addition to the standard Acceptable Use Policy outlined by Easy Domains, the following also applies to customers specifically using our email service. 

Under no circumstances should email be sent out in bulk via Easy Domains servers. Our email servers should only be used for transactional emails or legitimate communication between two parties.  

The Easy Domains servers should not be used for the following purposes: 

  • Newsletters
  • Sales and marketing emails
  • Promotional offers

Sending these types of emails could damage the sending reputation of our servers. If our IP is blacklisted as a result of this type activity, Easy Domains reserves the right to suspend any account in question and charge an administration fee of £300 plus VAT.

Currently, our free email package is limited to 5GB of space and is only able to send 100 emails per day.  There are no limits to the amount of email received. Our team can raise these limits if you find that your service requires a premium service.

If Easy Domains receive direct complaints from recipients (or the recipient's ISP), the originating account may be at risk from suspension if:

  • Easy Domains mail servers are at any risk from ISP/Anti-Spam Organisation blacklisting for participating in 'spamming' activity.
  • The sender is unable to provide evidence on request that the above criteria have been met.

Any customers will have all services terminated without further notice if found to be:

  • Promoting 'phishing' sites or any other fraudulent and illegal activityTo email lists acquired illegitimately (including output from email harvester programs).
  • Emailing 'spamtrap' mail addresses used by anti-spam organisations.

If you have any queries or concerns about bulk email usage please contact us.

Easy Domains can provide a specialist and managed service for bulk use; please contact our team to find out more.